Outstanding ideas for backyard landscaping in 2017

Best exterior considered to provide opportunities for different comforts. Usually a decor like this will use all parts of the backyard. The size is large enough to facilitate the implementation of the integration details of all decor options. However, smaller size backyard can also get quite different landscaping designs. Of course the choice of detail decor used on this backyard looks very interesting with various additional elements. We recommend using ideal equipment with ideal size to get maximum function. Recommendations from ideas for backyard landscaping usually require better adjustment.


Backyard landscape design ideas

Swing can be an important element of ideas for backyard landscaping. The design recommendations used also appear very simple. Usually this decor uses only the size of the smaller part of the backyard. The setting of this detail places a swing with modest size and wider sand. The sand container used also has a size that is not too large. To give a better impression you should apply wooden fence with pattern and natural color. The size of the fence like this is also not very high and can adjust the buffer from the swing. There are many swing models that can used to maximize the decor for the backyard. We recommend choosing a model with ergonomic design on the swing used.

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Small backyard landscaping ideas for privacy

The design patterns used on the ideas for backyard landscaping like this look very luxurious and modern. There are several elements that must integrate to get the comfort and tranquility desired. Moreover, the size of the backyard is smaller than some other designs. So simple decorating pattern will only use some wooden furniture. The grass layers used for this integration become an important part of the ideal size. We recommend using a type of grass with a better quality. A few corners of the backyard will use stone carvings with a fairly large pattern. The placement of some of the stones can also be a barrier for many plants and flowers. Of course the fence size placed for the backyard is higher.

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Small fenced backyard landscaping

One of the ideas for backyard landscaping that can used will look very elegant. However, the application of this decor usually involves only a few elements of the exterior. Therefore, stones with different carvings will place for this backyard. This stone layer arranged according to the desired pattern. Of course the entire size of this stone will look very attractive through the integration of some exterior furnishings. To provide comfort on the backyard should add a garden pattern with a smaller media detail. Collaborating layers of land and some flowers make this backyard look very attractive.


Backyard landscaping with great POV

There are several additional elements used on the ideas for backyard landscaping. The application of a wider grass pattern becomes one of the details that should apply. In addition, this landscaping pattern will also use soil media size with some type collaboration. Placement of additional elements such as big stone and exterior furniture usually supported natural color. All the layers of this backyard have floor stone with several stripes. To give an interesting impression with great POV you should add lighting in some corners of the backyard.

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