Multipurpose contemporary wicker storage bench

wicker storage bench

A wicker storage bench – is a piece of furniture with built in storage to streamline a small apartment or studio, and to better organize it in an appealing way, without taking up more floor space. The storage portion may be different with each style of bench.  It can be in the form of cabinets, drawers, or hidden compartments below the seat.

wicker storage bench

wicker storage bench with cushion

There are also models that combine these various storage compartments, such as those that feature open shelves with doors or drawers. Styles can be chosen to complement any room design or décor, including everything from contemporary to traditional.

Gun storage Bench are another attractive alternative, multipurpose furnishing you can use in nearly every room of the house.  For example, a storage bench with no backrest or armrest can be placed at the end of a bed to add bedroom storage. Those with backrests, such as a mission style bench, which has a seat that opens for hidden storage, can be placed in the living room, sitting room or family room.

A shoe storage bench can be placed below a window to create the look and feel of a window seat, but you can also place it in the entryway or foyer to your home, where you can sit and remove your footwear, then tuck the shoes away in the bench for safe keeping out of the line of sight.
Storage benches can be made of resin, wood, or recycled plastic and can be an added storage space that provides both extra seating and easy accessibility of personal belongings.

Wood storage benches are the most popular because of their natural beauty, functionality, and style for both indoor and outdoor use. They also blend nicely with exterior features and at the same time as giving you much needed storage in different locations throughout the inside of your home and your outdoor living areas, as well.

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A shoe storage cubbie bench is another variety of storage furniture that can be purchased for storing shoes and other belongings. You can place this seat just inside the entryway to your home or garage, and it makes a much better impression than a pile of shoes dirty shoes.
It will also be easier for your guests who wear boots because they don’t have to balance against a wall to take off their shoes before entering your home.  These styles of benches come in different colors, sizes, and created from various materials. Though a hard top is a better choice for the entryway than one with a cushion, so that rain on the clothing or jackets of those who use the bench won’t ruin the seat.


In terms of cost, it will depend on what you’re looking for. Wood storage bench will cost more than plastic but if you want something more elegant, the investment is worth it. You can find cheap storage benches for sale in various online furniture stores and in local retail and outdoor living stores too.
If you’re looking for a discount storage bench, you may need to be patient, shopping around a little before making a final selection and purchase. Benches typically cost somewhere between $75.00 and several hundred dollars, dependent upon the style of the piece and the material from which it’s created.

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