The Coolness of Living Room Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are basically shelves that you can install onto your wall. Instead of buying a traditional piece of furniture with shelves on it like a cabinet or a bookcase, you can just install individual shelves right onto the walls of your room. So why would anyone want to do this? Isn’t it much more work since you have to dealing with screws? Well, if you have a small room and have a lot of stuff you need to get organized, a cabinet might not be the best option.

Living Room Floating Shelves

Floating wall shelves can help save you a lot of living room by not taking up any floor space. Since your wall is pretty much unused, you can take advantage of this and maximize the limited amount of space that you may have. One of the things that we all have to deal with is being able to not only organize our home but keep it organized. This problem is often due to the fact that we don’t have enough places to put our belongings. By create more space, you will be able to help make your room look a little bit nicer.

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There are a lot of different floating shelves that you can buy like floating glass shelves, wood floating shelves, metal floating shelves etc. Although the main purpose is just so you can place items on it, you can still get some that will make your room look more pleasing to the eyes. You can get floating glass shelves or one of the many types of floating wood shelves as well. These things can be installed using different types of brackets. Sometimes you will have to buy the brackets separately so make sure you get ones that will support the type of shelf that you get. The fashion in which you position the shelves will be up to you. Many people like to make their room look a bit more stylish by installing the shelves in fun and creative ways. Instead of just putting them in a one straight line, you can get make different shapes and designs out of them. You can look on the web for examples.

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how to decorate floating shelves in living room

If you want to maximize the limited amount of room you have even more, you can use floating corner shelves as well. These shelves will fit snuggly right into the corner of your rooms which are often not used. When it comes to dealing with a small living space, every corner counts. You can buy any of these types of floating shelves at hardware stores or even online. There are different lengths and widths to choose from so make sure you do a quick measurement in order to ensure that you get shelves that will fit nicely onto your walls. You can place anything on them but avoid putting things that are too heavy. The amount of weight you can use will depend on the strength of the support brackets that you use. You can buy most of these shelves for under $50 each. Oak effect floating shelves will be more expensive than the plastic or metal ones usually.

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